Monday, January 13, 2014

What Happened to the Plan?

Flipping through a notebook I filled with stitched samples, notes, and photos about 15 years ago, I came across some mitered corner experiments. Among the samples is a scrap-yarn piece that's worked with a space dye.

I love the way that the long lengths of color give the illusion that there are multiple yarns. So decided to use this stitched scrap as the launching point for a new scarf. Since I had also been thinking about the log cabin quilt pattern, it seemed a good idea to combine the two, using three yarns. The finished effect certainly doesn't resemble the log cabin but, when playing around with yarn, I often end up somewhere I didn't intend to go. But it's "Just Around the Corner"...

Click here for the instructions for today's pattern, "Just Around the Corner".

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