Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chicken Soup Didn't Help

Yesterday I was ready to kill every living thing in the house. The lone survivor would have been Cat because she runs too fast for me to catch.

Obviously,  I'm still battling a bug. I spent the day in bed,  blaming my husband for bringing home a cold, rather than prepping a scarf pattern.   So yesterday's free scarf will be free again today.

I have scarves ready, but take the photographs and format the instructions the day before release.

Up next...Not Fair Isle, but rather intense colorwork with a smidge of embroidery...Now on the blocking surface and coming soon to your inbox.

Unless this cold kills me.


  1. awh, it's such a mammoth task you set yourself, make sure you get yourself on your feet. Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!!! :D

  2. Hope you feel better very soon. It takes a week to get over a cold (I have heard). So. You just take your time and rest!

  3. One bowl of soup at a time. Get lots of sleep and don't forget that this should be fun. When your really healthy and ready then pick it up if in a week or 2 such is life. Get healthy first, sending oj