Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

When you knit or crochet there's plenty of time to think. Or watch TV. Or a movie. Most evenings I get through the boring parts of the stitching with TV. I've tried talking books, but I lose my train of thought.

So, anyways, the stitching frequently leads to other stitching ideas. Bet the same thing happens to you. In fact, I bet that the number of ideas we have well exceeds the amount of yarn in our stash.

For those of you on Ravelry, I'd love to know just how many patterns are in your library, waiting to be stitched.

A tease: here's a scarf you'll see when the weather gets warmer. It's called "Open Windows".


  1. Love all your fab scarves, I'm on Rav as crochetandsmile and my library has collected 2253 and that just in being on Rav for 1 year, I think this will keep me busy in front of the tv at night LOL. Jules : )

  2. No link for this pattern?

  3. Colours look nice, but no way to get the pattern

  4. We will see this pattern, "open windows" when the weather gets warmer. That was a good tease. Can't wait for the next one. I only got two scarves done this week. It's takes time to knit, felt and cut.
    Karen Blumberg

  5. I am embarrassed by how many patterns I have in my library waiting to be made....probably easily in the thousands. Guess that means I will live a long life completing them. (And that's not even counting ones I will add in the meantime!) :)